About Daniel Aaron

Spiritual teacher, coach, leader, father, writer and yogi – I have dedicated my life to understanding the human patterns that create suffering and how to create change them. Through my mentorship membership (our virtual sangha/community),  seminars and 1-1 private coaching, I have led thousands of people to live brighter, more fulfilled lives.

I‘ve taught at Omega and Esalen Institutes, founded Radiantly Alive, a world-renowned center and school in Bali and have created highly regarded professional trainings for living-food chefs, yoga teachers and for leadership.

I’m hardcore about awakening and helping all of us to greater freedom, love and happiness.

My experience includes decades of yoga with the modern masters; ruthless personal and spiritual development; radical therapies, trainings and mentorships with enlightened teachers; my own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of my own commitment to kindness, authenticity and masterful service; single-fathering a 10 year old angel; and founding, running and selling businesses.

Ways I can help you


Vibrant Life Coaching

Make big leaps and get meaningful results with private sessions. Limited Availability.


Astrological Sessions

 Learn your soul's evolutionary path and more -  and transform you life.


Join our Sangha

Mentorship membership that includes all my teachings and live coaching.


Educational Speaking

Hire me to inspire, educate and entertain your organization or community.


Transformational Breath

 Experience the astonishing power of breath to heal, release stuck emotion and connect to spirit.

E Courses

Learn at your own pace. From Living Spirituality to Coaching DIY and more

"The Art of Vibrant Living means falling in love with who you are, daily awakening to even more of your beauty and discovering how to fill the world with more laughter, light and love." –Daniel Aaron

What clients and students say


I feel incredibly grateful for the experience that sparked a radiant inner flame igniting confidence, truth and a passion for helping others that has forever changed my life.

Sherri Melwani - Teacher, Hong Kong


Listening to Daniel Aaron’s account of his years of searching and self-discovery is a little like following the story of the early wanderings of Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha. 

Richard Mann - Author, Indonesia


Daniel is spiritually pragmatic and focuses on what  truly works from a  full spectrum of learning and integration of the 'arts of transformation' he       has mastered.    

Marianne Bailey - Designer, London