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My Book
Autobiography of a New Age Yogi: How heal, thrive and Live Yoga(My Book in Process)Dear reader,After more than three decades of[...]
Why sorry sucks – healing emotional riffs (with children and…)
When I lived in New Orleans there was a wise old African American man named Rufus with whom worked Muddy[...]
Zaida’s Leadership Lesson on Responsibility
One of the things I learn often in my own intensive leadership training via being a father - as well[...]
Living True
Yogis and yoginis, children of God, lovers of Radiance… I am writing to you specifically, if you are someone wanting[...]
Tie Up your Camel
  There’s a great Muslim proverb that teaches about the balance between action and acceptance, control and allowing, trust and[...]
The Voice of Simplicity
Gifts 'It’s better to give than to receive.’ 'Gratitude is everything.’ ‘Thank you letters should be prompt.’ It was better[...]