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Patron of The (Writing) Arts
​​Cultural Evolution, Art, Patrons and FreedomRecently I listened to Amanda Palmer's book The Art of Asking. I highly recommend it[...]
My Book
Autobiography of a New Age Yogi: How heal, thrive and Live Yoga (My Book in Process) Dear reader, After more than[...]
The Vibrant Life Daily Declaration and Incantation
The Vibrant Life Daily Declaration and IncantationFirst there is the thought. Imagination, fantasy, vision: all are the beginnings of a[...]
Why sorry sucks – healing emotional riffs (with children and…)
When I lived in New Orleans there was a wise old African American man named Rufus with whom worked Muddy[...]
Zaida’s Leadership Lesson on Responsibility
One of the things I learn often in my own intensive leadership training via being a father - as well[...]
Separating pain and love
Separating pain and love:Are love and pain locked into each other? What my sister’s suicide and her bridge taught me[...]