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Writing may be the realm where I had my first successes in life. Interestingly, other than a few years in my twenties writing has largely stayed on the back burner of productive life of teaching, coaching and business. Maybe the fact that my mother so wanted me to be a writer was a reason I kept it at arm's length professionally even while remained an intimate and beloved part of my own life and process. Maybe that my own destiny and legacy is intertwined with writing was a reason. Any which way, that has now changed. 

My current focus is mostly on a book, some of which you can see below. As time allows, I'll be posting more of that and previous material in variety of genres, including some of my old poetry. I'd love to hear from you and look forward to connecting. Comment on! And thank you for reading. 

Autobiography of a New Age Yogi: How to Live Yoga

(My Book in Process)

Join me on a guided adventure where I’ll tell you the story of your amazingness through the lens of yoga and story itself. Sit back as you lean into new, brave and familiar ways of being in the world that bring you into the experience of your truest self. Derived from twenty-five years of leading thousands to more vibrant lives, this distillation is your short-cut healing, awakening and thriving.

My published poetry circa 1995

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