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Step Onto A Proven Path - with Guidance and Support

Create A Vibrant New Life!

My 1-1 Coaching Curriculum!

Distilled from 25 Years of Guiding People to Deep Transformation

Simply stated - it's a formula of coaching keys that works

The Coaching Advantage

We tend to resist change

It’s so easy to get used to the way things are, including the parts of our lives that are less than awesome - or worse - are actually causing us pain, frustration or disappointment. We might say things like ‘it’s as good as it gets.’ Or ‘can’t complain.’ We might feel unable to change.

On our own, while not impossible, it’s usually harder, with more suffering, and takes longer. Private 1-1 coaching too expensive for you right now and yet want powerful support, wisdom and a proven program just like I provide all my clients? 

Your custom coach in a box

In two and a half decades of leading thousands of people to more vibrant, joyous and fulfilling lives, I’ve honed the process of how to take powerful leaps into whole new levels of life. Distilled to ultimate effectiveness, this course guides you to fly through the  essential steps and beyond.

You get to both do it on your own, and with my guidance, curriculum and help. Ten weeks to transformation, which you can progress through at your own pace, to a new realm of awesomeness. 

What You'll Discover in this 10 Part Course:


Your True Self's Infinite Power

Learning and realizing that you can change and adjust anything in your life, kills victimhood forever.


The Secrets of Magical Intimacy

Really it's not magic - once you know how to see it and what to do, your relationships glow with love!


The Proven Method to Change Anything

There is a science to human behavior and change - learning and implement it, you are empowered.


The Abiding Peace of Living as Spirit in the World

Relax and tap into your true essence and power  

Let's roll! - $197

​​​​What Others Are Saying:


Melissa Wozniak Teacher, New York

"Daniel’s dedication to personal development and the decades he’s spent on his own drive each session to go further and deeper. He’s intuitive in his guidance and makes sessions of emotional exorcism feel safe and supported”


Zack Horrell Consultant, New Zealand

Daniel has a true wealth of knowledge and experience and he combines it in such a way to create supercharged, action-packed transformation”.


Sarah Sandkuhl Columbia, Missouri

​“Daniel is committed to bringing the best out of everyone. He knows this is possible before many of us do.”


About me - Daniel Aaron

Spiritual teacher, coach, astrologer, yogi, father and writer – I have dedicated my life to understanding the human patterns that create suffering and how to change them. Through my mentorship membership (virtual sangha/community), seminars, courses and 1-1 private coaching I have led thousands of people to live brighter, more fulfilled lives. I have taught at Omega and Esalen Institutes and founded the globally recognized Radiantly Alive center in Bali.

I’m hardcore about awakening and helping all of us to greater freedom, love and happiness. My experience includes decades of yoga with the modern masters; ruthless personal and spiritual development; radical therapies, trainings and mentorships with enlightened teachers; my own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of his own commitment to kindness, authenticity and masterful service; fathering a 11 year old angel; and founding, running and selling businesses.

Is it NOW your time?  

The Curriculum

Lesson One - Crystal Clear Goals - Masterful Self Knowledge 

Lesson Two - Energy and State

Lesson Three -  Life Vision and Purpose

Lesson Four - Discover the Majestic Magic of Motivation

Lesson Five - The Power of Planning and the Value of Visualization

Lesson Six - Self-understanding - the Supreme Skill

Lesson Seven - Your Vibrant Life: Holistic, Worldly and Divine

Lesson Eight - Living Radical Openness

Lesson Nine - Magical Intimacy and Rockin' Relationships

Lesson Ten - The end is your new beginning

Create your life of vibrancy, love and joy that just gets better and better all the time

If in the first month, you don't feel in your heart and soul that you are on track to your divine destiny, I'll refund you entirely, no questions asked. Cancel anytime. 


What People Are Saying...

Joelle-Sleebos,-37,-South-Africa Testimonial

“It really boosted my self-confidence, my knowledge of yoga and life coaching...

 "I  stepped away from limited belief systems that previously I wasn’t aware of. The benefits for me have been major. The way I look at life, the way I approach life has changed.” 

​Joelle Sleebos, 37, South Africa 


"I learned a lot about myself, about health, about yoga, meditation, ancient and present wisdom...

the list could go on and on. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a turning point... with no turning back. Today, I can say that I am right in the middle of the meaningful life I was looking for.” 

Cedric Charles, Entrepreneur, France


"Daniel is spiritually pragmatic and focuses on what he has found to truly work...

from a wealth and full rainbow spectrum of learning and integration of many of the "arts of transformation" he has studied and mastered.”  

Marianne Bailey, Designer, London, England

I'm ready for the next level of my life - $197


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