Living The Vibration of Vibrancy

Private Inner Circle Mentoring

Seven Week Transformational Training

Next Training Begins April 2020

You'll get

  • Weekly recorded curriculum in both Video and Audio to study in your own time and apply the practices
  • Private Inner Circle Mentoring, maximum 10 people. Meeting weekly on Zoom with your Inner Circle Mentoring team, Daniel works closely with each member to shift the old conditioned patterns and form a vibration aligned with your highest values moving toward your bright future

  • Access to the Private Facebook Group. Ask questions, keep accountable with your team and celebrate your successes and wins
  • Private Inner Circle Messenger Group. Daniel is committed to reaching your outcomes. Anything that’s coming up for you between the mentoring sessions, drop a note and tag Daniel… He is there to support you
  • Bonuses pre and post training 

Do you know that your vibration creates your reality? That the frequency that you’re vibrating at governs who and what are attracted to you? Are you ready to master this unseen yet all powerful law of life? 

The intersection of Quantum physics, brain science and spirituality shows the invisible blueprint for reality, healing and manifestation. It’s now time to harness this knowledge and apply it daily and consistently to truly create the life we wish for.

Frequencies and potentials for divine love, radiant super health, financial abundance and spiritual bliss already exist in the field of infinite potentials.


In this training you will not only raise your vibration, you’ll also learn how to do so as part of a daily positive ritual, the keystone to a vibrant life. You’ll learn how to consciously and at will shift from one dimension to another. Equally important, Daniel will teach you how to utilize life’s challenges, which might have once brought us down, to instead lift us up to a heightened vibration and energetic expansion.

With two and a half decades of experience leading students and clients through journeys of transformation to activating their higher potential, Daniel now guides you to bring together the wonderful knowledge you have collected into application. What you know matters little until you implement it in your life.

When would now be a good time to bring the pieces together and create and live the vibration of your true potential?

Is This For You?

Are You A...

  • Spiritual Seeker
  • Healer, Energy Worker, Therapist, Coach, Teacher or Light-Worker 
  • Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • Someone who knows that your life is an outpicturing of your inner state
  • Personal Growth Junkie
  • Someone who feels inconsistent or incongruent with how your spiritual values and knowledge fits with your life in the 3D world
  • Wise, Divine, and Open Being who knows there is More
  • Someone who has taken many trainings and courses yet feel there is something missing

Then This is for You!


  • This training is not for everyone. It will not work well or be a fit for those who are lazy. If you believe that just wishing and hoping is enough to create your dreams, this is not for you. For anyone who is into complaining or blaming others for their circumstances, best not to apply. 
  • Life will never be the same again. Aligning to your true potential may cause increased happiness, love and joy. It’s almost certain that you will become more effective at uplifting others and may even feel a responsibility to do so. Your life and the world will look different when seen from a new elevated perspective.



David Kohout

Architect & Musician, Cooramandel, NZ

Helen Bennett

Empowerment Coach, Spain 

It’s completely changed my perspective. I now feel really at peace. Putting in place my morning protocol has been massively transformative for me and has changed my days and life.

Brad Lake

Entrepreneur, New Zealand

Before I joined Daniel's training, I was a bit lost. I knew about the concept of vibration, however my past experience left me with no clues. Why things around me were so mysterious? I often felt not in control of my own life. I was looking for an answer and I wanted to be a master of my own life. After I joined the training, I started to understand the we are the creator of our lives through Vibration. I changed my mind from a victim to a proactive creator of life. I noticed complaining is nothing but a sign of ego talking. Daniel's class clarified my long-hanging questions from my past. I am now living my dream life.

Elena Sun Yi Yuan

Executive, Vancouver, Canada

Nikki Steel

Kinesiologist, New Zealand

Rusty Davis

Teacher & Entrepreneur, Shanghai China

Just before the training began I wrote: “This is my last chance. If this doesn’t work I have permission to kill myself”. The training? It was a spiritual awakening and the beginning of my metamorphosis. Eight years later I live a deeply joyful, loving and fulfilling life. The guide who challenged my story and opened my heart was Daniel Aaron. His mastery in combining ancient spiritual wisdom with boldly modern techniques, turned my life around. And now I dedicate my life to helping others transform their pain into love, fear into courage, and addiction into freedom. Daniel showed me the light. Now I am a light in the darkness for others. My gratitude is boundless.

Helen Bennett

Superstar Empowerment Coach, Spain

Daniel put together such a holistic and thoughtful programme that was a joy and inspiration to experience. Daniel has this natural ability to channel a universal energy of love and interweave it into the fabric of everyday life in a way that awakens body heart mind and soul to be more fully alive to who you are. There were so many transformational elements, memories and life long friendships made. I would love to experience this again and highly recommend his powerful and 'love infused' transformational programmes.

Carrie Herbert

Humanitarian Aid Therapist, Cambodia

Michele Risa 

“This changed my life”

Teddy Hodges

Inventor & Entrepreneur, Montana

It changed my life. Up until the training I’d been ruled by fear. Daniel taught me self-awareness, how to stop running, how to be with my feelings, including fear, and still do what I want - it’s been massive.

Hayley Grossman

Marketer, Tel-Aviv

It was time for a shift in my life. I knew I needed something new. The training was edifying and what I got most was courage and confidence, enough challenge to grow into a truer version of myself and powerful transformation. I got a comprehensive view of what mastery can look like, and ultimately learned what mastery means to me. In the end I learned the mastery of fully being me and that changed my life.

Anthony Reevos (pseudonym for privacy)

Teacher & Healer

Kenneth King

Kinesiologist, New Zealand

Natalie Dehay

Teacher, Holland 

I am well-read in self-help, positive psychology, "new age" ideas about manifesting, and many of the topics that Daniel covered in the training. What I have not been as successful in is applying some of the learnings. Daniel is a gifted speaker and teacher who genuinely cares about helping others. He is also incredibly knowledgeable and devised a training that put everything together in a usable and engaging format. I have been living the learnings, thanks to Daniel and this training. For anyone who wants to know more, gain clarity, or move forward in a purposeful way this training is ideal. It is one of those investments whose pay-offs will continue for years to come.

Valerie White 

Executive Trainer, Boston

I feel the happiest I’ve ever felt in my life.

Julie Ann Mills

PhD. CSC. Quantum Psychic Intuitive Healer & Trainer, California, USA


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