Living True

Yogis and yoginis, children of God, lovers of Radiance…

I am writing to you specifically, if you are someone wanting to live true to yourself, to your values and be of service to the world.

Have you felt that how you are living – and perhaps even the way you are earning your living – is not congruent with who you really are?

That you’re putting a chunk of your life, your time and cordoning off a part of your heart, toward something that may not be bad (and in fact may be of genuine benefit to the world), though somehow is not your highest gift? Not in full alignment with who you really are?

I have felt that way. Not only when I was a 14 year old kid working at Hardees (think American fast food… their jingle was ‘best eatin’ in town, up and down, all around,’ sung really fast with a sorta southern accent). Also in recent times I’ve felt this way.

Life is changing fast. The world is changing fast. And if we are going to be part of the solution – and one could argue that planet earth needs us now more than ever – we need to evolve fast too. What worked for me, what felt to me like I was ‘fully in alignment and giving my best gifts,’ even in the last years, continues to change.

Here’s what you/we need to know:
– Who we really are at our core, at our truest.
– What our best gifts are, and, delightfully, one of the ways of knowing is that when we are giving those gifts, we feel fantastic, alive and more and more energy is coming to us all the time.
– How to not only give these gifts and be of genuine service to our brothers and sisters on this earth ride, but to also do it in a way where we are appreciated and receiving back abundantly.

Surprisingly it’s not that hard, or even mysterious. Yet most people are not living it. And the tragedy of that is that the pain that they’re feeling from not being fulfilled, and not fulfilling their purpose, is so easily avoidable with the right info.

Give your unique gift to the world, and discover how to start living true, and being the real you, today.

See you on the other side.


  1. Kerry mitchell

    Hi Daniel , im reading allyouremails and blogs your sending through I used to go to radiance alive and did a few workshops with you ❤️ your journey and articles .keep writing