Patron of The (Writing) Arts

Cultural Evolution, Art, Patrons and Freedom

Recently I listened to Amanda Palmer's book The Art of Asking. I highly recommend it as much for her modeling of authenticity and vulnerability as for the art and content that it provides. There's much I'd love to share from what I learned there, and for now two only: 

1. I have been very poor at asking for help and receiving

2. In the digital age, where some musicians and artists are reeling from the changes in how we consume music and art, trying to figure out how they (we) now earn a living, we do well to change the question from how do we get people to pay for art? to how do we let people pay for art.

Amanda helped create a new world where artists give directly and freely to their fans, and fans can directly and freely give to artists (without the middle people/labels gobbling up most of the money). 

I've since learned that there are thousands of artists now living, working and creating by the donations of hundreds of thousands of patrons. The works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo are thanks to patrons of the arts, as are those of William Shakespeare.

Here is where I offer you the opportunity to help support me as an artist of helping create the world into greater vibrancy. That is my mission, and I am doing it no matter what. That said, creating works of useful art, in video or written format, costs. Time and tools are only part of it, if tangible and significant. The mental, emotional and spiritual investment is, in my book (pun accidental, and now intended), even more important. 

While the concept of patrons supporting writers directly may seem odd or old to us, it was, in fact, the norm up until the advent of the copyright in the 18th century). These days most authors expect to earn little to nothing from their books, and yet while I used to earn well from leading teacher trainings and owning a center, I let go of that life. Now I know I will help many more people via writing, and I appreciate all the help (any kind of support) that I can get. We’re all in this together. 

If you wish to support, I’m uber grateful. Click here to learn more about it or to become a patron. I'm also super grateful for all the ways I can thank and support you, which you'll see as you look at the patronage options.

Your servant,