Pineal Activation and Quantum Healing


Pineal Activation and Quantum Healing 

Awaken the Mystic and Healer in You



What You’ll Learn and Experience:

  • Remove energy blocks and create alignment, flow and enhancement of all your chakras.
  • Learn the relationship between hormonal health and it’s relationship to transmitting and receiving of higher consciousness, information and energy.
  • Receive new light codes and encoded activations. customized to your soul’s innate intelligence, blueprint and potential
  • The Pineal is known as the Third Eye: you will enhance and increase your psychic awareness and intuitive compass (inner knowing)
  • Learn and practice a specific and powerful breath technique for awakening energy and ongoing, inner Pineal Gland activation
  • Julie guides you to enter the quantum field to clear lifetimes of soul debris (pain, trauma, soul woundings)
  • Learn secrets of manifestation and how to utilize your personal antenna / transmitter
  • Preparation for the Healing and Activation includes recorded lectures from both Julie and Daniel on the Pineal Gland, including biological, nutritional, spiritual and esoteric components. 

You’ll be granted lifetime access to this amazing product


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