The Vibrant Life Daily Declaration and Incantation

The Vibrant Life Daily Declaration and Incantation

First there is the thought. Imagination, fantasy, vision: all are the beginnings of a movement from the etherial into the physical. As Napoleon Hill said, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Mohammad Ali: “I said I was the greatest boxer in the world, long before I was, and long before I believed it myself.”

Whoa! Did you catch that? Long before I believed it myself.

That is bold. That is powerful. That is manifestation. 

Vision and fantasy are great starts; they make things possible. If we then add the word, and not just ‘the word’, word with enthusiasm, emotion - heightened emotion, including physical motion - the speed of that vision turning into reality is greatly enhanced. 

Plus it’s fun and feels good. 

I have several others that I use besides this one. I also bring in different incantations at different points in my life depending on what I need, what I wish to create. I encourage you to play with yours. Choose words that resonate, that you can get behind emotionally. Make it fun and powerful, and it’ll move you every day. 

The written version is below. Again, feel free to copy entirely, partially or simply create your own daily declaration. 

The Vibrant Life Daily Declaration and Incantation

This day _________, I believe in love, joy, abundance, peace and unity, and I see the world as it truly is: simply an out-picturing of my inner-reality. I honor the perception of my senses and know there is an expanded awareness of myself, and my connection with all. 

I believe in the power of Spirit within, therefore I claim our God-given power and authority into my life. 
I believe in the reality of Infinite Abundance, thus causing a connection in consciousness with the source of my supply.
I believe in Spirit creating a perfect reality, and through this faith, I empower myself. 

My physical experience gives me the opportunity to learn, grown, rise above the illusion of the collective consciousness, to claim dominion over my inner reality, and to help my brothers and sisters do the same. 

This day, I acknowledge Spirit, and only Spirit, as my substance, my source and my supply. 

This day, I honor my human-hood, and claim and accept my true, divine inheritance, perception and identity as a Being of God, perfectly aligned with Truth, Light and Oneness.