Time to heal – Solstice Special June 2017

First things first: remember that astrology is not causal. By that I mean that it’s not that there are planetary movements that are causing us to be or act in certain ways. And, to be fair, exactly how the cosmos work, including our human and spiritual connections to the whole, is partially mysterious.

And thanks goodness that it is so. Without some mystery, life would both be boring and sanitary. We are here to live the mystery. And it’s sometimes quite useful to know something about the weather we are likely to encounter. Understanding is not sufficient for transformation, healing and growth, and it helps tremendously.

This particular solstice particular solstice comes two days from a new moon, and carries some powerful healing potential for us all. This video will help you to make best use of some of the challenging material that may be arising in your life, or the lives of the people in your realm.