Turn doubt and confusion into clarity and confidence with Soul Astrology

"Know Thyself."Socrates

"Men should take their knowledge from the sun, moon and the stars." –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your astrological chart, and wise interpretation of it, is a key that unlocks the most persistent problems in your life.

You can utilize it to release yourself from the grip of past pain and confusion. No matter how well intended or hard-working you are, looking east for the sunset is not going to work.

Have you painfully struggled to make jobs or relationships work that just didn't fit? Felt misunderstood and judged in your family or the world?

What if turning that key not only freed you from the shackles of past issues, it also unleashed your true creative genius that's been held dormant?

The truth is you are capable of and deserve so much more than you've experienced in life so far.

Your astrological chart is a map, a guide, that can explain the ultimate purpose of your life. No one is a blank slate - we are all born into the human experience with certain challenges and gifts.


When we know what we are here for - what our soul chose for its evolution in this lifetime - we are automatically progressing into it.

Aligning our mind, heart and body with the spirit's calling is not only fulfilling in itself, it creates greater flow and success with the rest of earth life: money, relationships, health etc.

That you are here now, reading this, suggests that you are ready to upgrade to a deeper level of your beautiful potential.

I am at your service, delighted to help you to drop the pain and limitations of the past, and launch a new era of vibrant joy.

That you are here now reading this suggests that you are ready to upgrade to a deeper level of your beautiful potential.

You've Got Options

My brother from another mother, Gurdjieff - fellow mystic, astrologer and spiritual teacher from the early 20th century - charged one thousand dollars for a session (the equivalent of $14,500 these days).

When asked why, he said "I only want to work with those who are ready to change their lives."

While I appreciate his intention, I'm honored to help everyone get the benefits of astrology, and you'll find options to suit your current interest and commitment below.

"A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician."Hippocrates

"Millionaires don't have astrologers, billionaires do." –J.P. Morgan

How Astrology Works and How I work with Astrology


From your birth information, I calculate a chart, a map of the sky at the moment you born. I then study and meditate upon it prior to your session - a process whereby the universe and your unique soul pattern communicate to me.

After your first session, further options open up to you:

More advanced sessions can include what's happening now and what's coming up (life chapter session), relationships (see more below) and/or coaching.

Every session includes a downloadable recording that you own and can refer to for life.

Astrology always empowers and never restricts you. I view astrology as an incredible advantage for understanding our tendencies both for positive or negative patterns, and never as defining or boxing us into any categories. The planets and stars provide incredible maps for us to understand ourselves and the world around us. With that knowledge comes potent power potential, which, combined with skillful execution, results in mastery, happiness and fulfillment.

Your Astro Options

Life Story Session $500

You will hear the story of you; the true you. Why the past painful parts and dramas happened and how you can not only learn from them, how you can utilize that learning to rewrite yourself and your life into a masterpiece.

Your new story becomes one of a fulfilled, thriving and successful you. One who is aligned with your true purpose and thereby charged with power.

In live session I am able to use your feedback, response and questions to go deeper. The information and energy you provide, along with divine guidance, allows me to be more specific and practical according to your needs and desires.

With time for your questions, and a peek into what's happening now and coming up in your astro climate, you can cross a critical threshold into the soul alignment and fulfillment that's been just out of reach.

It's an opportunity to see deeply into the magical complexity that you are, to appreciate all aspects and to step into maximizing them to turn your life into an artistic masterpiece.

Once you've had any Life Story Session, you qualify for a Life Chapter Session that focuses on what's happening now, and what's coming up. When we know and understand the most essential patterns of your soul in this incarnation, then we can overlay the current astro climate to help you know how to best navigate - to minimize the challenges and maximize the opportunities.

Abundance Pack - 3 Sessions,

for You or for Gifts $1270

Step up to your expanded potential and save more than 20%. Three sessions, which can be used by you, to deepen or explore other aspects of astrology (Relationship Astrology, Life Chapter), or as gifts. The 3 sessions must be used within one year of purchase.

Relationship Readings

Understanding oneself is phenomenally useful. And yet for many the realm of relationship - with so much promise of love, harmony and spiritual merging - is darkened by issues, drama and conflict.

Relating with any other being, especially romantic/sexual relationships, where not only is there another being to understand, there's also the third entity that is the relationship itself.

It's challenging enough to understand and lead ourselves to live, feel and create how we wish. With another person involved, with their own challenges and gifts, whom we cannot control - often times we lose the potential, the beauty and perfection that was there in the beginning.

Relationship Astrology, focusing on how the individuals intersect, gives you the understanding of not only how to navigate the pitfalls and mine the gifts of your union, it brings you awareness of why you chose each other. Realizing the evolutionary purpose, the spiritual depth of your connection, immediately brings you out of the dramas of the personality and back to the true love that you are together.

Astro Coaching

"There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross the sea of life." - Varaha Mihira

The right information at the right time can lead to great breakthroughs. Insight can be transformative. Add to that effective and strategic action, and the knowledge becomes power and progress. You become one of the few who live on purpose, aligned and fulfilled.

Coaching with me focuses on getting you the results you want in any aspect of your life - career, relationship, health, spiritual fulfillment - and most often clients create breakthroughs in multiple areas.

With the addition of astrology, utilized as a framework and reference point for the coaching, not only do you breakthrough the challenges and pains of previous struggle and drama faster, you create a steady movement into your true gifts and potential, all the while deepening your understanding of yourself - the ultimate empowerment.