Vibrant Life Coaching

Turn Struggles into success, pain into power
with Vibrant Life Coaching

If you are dedicated to mastery – to living into your potential, thriving, and contributing to the world – I’d be honored to assist you.

Vibrant Life Coaching is an opportunity to create
YOUR Vibrant, Amazing, Extraordinary Life.

If you're not happy with some aspect of your life, be it your vitality, relationships, your relationship to time, finances, spirit/world congruency, you deserve to move out of pain and into thriving.

No matter what shape your life is in now, there's always space to grow. 

If you're flying now, the questions are: 'how good can it get?' and 'how can I inspire and serve the world more?'

If you're flying now, the questions are: 'how good can it get?'and 'how can I inspire and serve the world more?'

We can live up to our potential on our own. The thing is though: it's much harder and more painful. I utilize coaches and teachers in my own life regularly and ongoing because I prefer easier, faster and more fun. How about you? 

Joelle-Sleebos,-37,-South-Africa Testimonial

“It really boosted my self-confidence, my knowledge of yoga and life coaching...

 "I really remember stepping away from limited belief systems that previously I wasn’t aware of. The benefits for me have been major. The way I look at life, the way I approach life has changed.” 

​Joelle Sleebos, 37, South Africa 

Coaching is for you if you want to increase mastery and health in:




Emotional health and your life's meaning


Physical thriving and body contentment


Daily spirituality &  soulful lIVING

You’re committed to living an exceptional life, right?  That's why l am offering you a gift of my time.

In this 30-60 minute discovery session you will:

  • check
    Instantly create action to jump start your life.
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    Utilize a 2-Step Strategy to unblock limiting habits.
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    Discover my proven system to create a Vibrant New Life.

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"I learned a lot about myself, about health, about yoga, meditation, ancient and present wisdom...

the list could go on and on. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a turning point... with no turning back. Today, I can say that I am right in the middle of the meaningful life I was looking for.” 

Cedric Charles, Entrepreneur, France

Keys I Discovered That Unlock Your Vibrant New Life
(From 25 Years Of Coaching)

Key #1: Ask great questions

Everyone has truth and wisdom inside them. 

Key #2: Listen between the lines

Getting to the bottom saves oodles of time and energy.

Key #3: Offer innovative perspectives and strategies

We all benefit from caring, creative insight.

Key #4: Loving accountability

We all show up better when we give our word to someone we trust, respect and whom has our best interests at heart.

Insight #5: Insight must be followed by Action

Action leads to learning, progress, success, fulfillment, happiness and an Extraordinary Life.

You and your life are worth it. The world needs us to be living on purpose.
When would now be a good time?


"Daniel is spiritually pragmatic and focuses on what he has found to truly work...

from a wealth and full rainbow spectrum of learning and integration of many of the "arts of transformation" he has studied and mastered.”  

Marianne Bailey, Designer, London, England

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