Zaida’s Leadership Lesson on Responsibility

One of the things I learn often in my own intensive leadership training via being a father – as well as teacher and coach – is how amazing can be the brilliance that comes from our children (yes, students and clients too), when we simply ask great questions and provide conducive environments.

What elated me most was a) seeing her courage and wisdom (Zaida, my daughter) was 9 at the time). And the shake up from my own beliefs about what I needed to create in our ‘home/globe’ schooling period in order to be responsible myself.

We explore a few related topics, and I trust you’ll find not only the gems in what Zaida shows us, you’ll also see and feel the parallel application in your own life. 

Academics, structure, math, science, writing, spelling, reading etc (all of which we did get into in various ways too): i heaped pressure on myself as her parent teacher, so what a blessing it was for her to show me how much she’d learned and become indirectly. Responsibility = the ability to respond.